Hi, I'm David McCoid

When I was 19 pelvic pain stole my freedom. It took 14 years to get it back. 

I tried  everything - antibiotics, prostate injections, meditation, pelvic floor physical therapy and finally pudendal nerve entrapment surgery. Nothing worked. 

Four years ago I created an online course with physical therapist Nic Bartolotta and trained in an approach called DCT ( Dynamic Contraction Technique). On this site you can purchase the entire original course I created in addition to extra content to be added soon. 

It also includes access to a private facebook group where you can find support and connect with others following the course. We have people from every continent following the course. You will find English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers on the forum. 

Video calls are included in the price of the course if you wish for them. All calls under 10 minutes are free of charge. No other course offers this level of support. 

David McCoid  - Former DCT Practitioner and co author of Freedom from Pelvic Pain. Available on Amazon.